Tell Me if This Cycle Sounds Familiar?  

 Overwhelm. Frustration. Exhaustion…  

You beat yourself up for not ‘getting it together’ already.  

You feel unbalanced, unintentional, just lost in the shuffle of errands, emails, meetings, laundry… rinse and repeat.  

You sacrifice your energy, sanity, and happiness to keep everyone else afloat… while inside, you’re drowning.  

Despite your best intentions for self-care, something’s always more important.  

You often feel like you’re just getting by and can’t see any relief in sight.  

Ringing Any Bells?

There is another way. BREATHING ROOM.  

Room to reassess…  

Room to claim back your energy and time.  

Room to try out new strategies and solutions specific to your situation to keep your head way above water and move forward.  

A safe place of support to to reclaim the vibrant, grounded, YOU that is somewhere in there!  

I Know You.  

Maybe your life has been turned upside-down with a career transition, a change in relationship status, or a health diagnosis.  

Or maybe there’s not just “one thing,” but hundreds of tiny things from the kids to the clients to the bills to the house to the parents to the in-laws…  

You’re exhausted. And as much as you love your people and as tough as you’ve always been and as dedicated as you are to “making it work…”  

...You honestly cannot imagine going on this way for another month, let alone another decade. But, falling apart isn’t really an option...  

So Where Do You Go to Get Support?  

That’s why I created The Breathing Room… a safe space for individualized guidance during big life transitions to relieve stress and overwhelm, so you can find peace, clarity, and confidence to take the next step forward without resentment and anger.  

Practical support to help you stay grounded during difficult life phases, so you can reclaim your inner strength and get through this tough time.  

Most of my clients have achieved great success on the outside, but they're feeling frantic, heartbroken, anxious, or confused on the inside.  

Yes, you’ll get tools and strategies for coping with life’s uncertainty and challenges, but you know what?  

I firmly believe you already know what to do. You just need the space, time and guidance to find it in yourself again.  

Hi, I’m Grace Estripeaut  

I’m a hyperactive Latina (granddaughter of Italians) turned Zen master... go figure! My friends call me the Comeback Queen.  

I live and breathe these tools because they have supported me through excruciating times. Based on my work with hundreds of women, I firmly believe that when you are taken care of and fully nourished, your health, your kids, your loved ones and and your work, thrives.  

Over the past few years, I’ve spoken to thousands of women in your same shoes. I know the walk you’re walking.  

I’ve moved countries 6 times, which means I've started over - 6 times. I’ve been through divorce, massive career transitions, continental moves, tough goodbyes. You name it.  

Because all I knew was constant transition and change in my life, I was desperate for steady calm waters inside myself. I had to claim my Zen and master it… in the most practical of ways. I’ve learned to create the conditions that have been crucial to my ability to navigate life's many curveballs without losing my heart, my drive and my mind in the process.  

My friends call me the Comeback Queen because I can bounce back quickly after life throws me a curveball. Not because I’m special, but because I’ve developed a strong foundation of resilience, clarity and support. So that's why I created Breathing Room. 


What if I Told You...  

That in a matter of weeks, you could be out of “survival mode?”  

That it is possible to stop the rushing, and have the head space and bandwidth to think beyond the next day?  

To feel consistently happier, connected to yourself, focused, and clear.  

To take better care of yourself with time to do what fills your emotional tank: working out, time with girlfriends, connecting with your partner/loved ones…  

I know it sounds impossible right now, but I’m here to tell you, there is more room in your life!  

“I’ll have what she’s having…”  

People keep asking me: What are you on? I know I sleep better I eat better I no longer slam my day full of to-do’s in every second. I’m keeping consistent with my healthy habits I’m pushing myself in the right direction. I feel clear Where as before I didn’t have the capacity to take time for myself. The biggest lesson is – there’s no need for drastic changes, I now pay attention to what I need, want and do and I align those better. I’m in control.” --Jillian  

Here’s What You’ll Experience in The Breathing Room:  

  • 3 months of group support, training, and guidance to shift you from “surviving” to “thriving.”
  • Twice a month: 1-hour video group coaching call to teach you coping skills, answer your questions, and meet you right where you are. 
  • A 1 time, One-on-One coaching call with Grace to get deeper solutions for your specific situation. 
  •  The support and synergy of a curated group of women. Say what you need to say, feel seen and heard. No energy drains here. You already have enough of that in your life.  
  • Weekly tools that step by step calm you, save you time and energy and propel you towards your goals without the rush and burn out.  
  • Recorded decompression practices, and mini-meditations to catch your breath.  

“I no longer force myself to push through a hectic schedule with no breaks or downtime…”

I have the tools to handle anxiety and fear when it comes up. I now know how to calm myself down. I also know how to prioritize my schedule and choose the right events for my business. I prioritize time to self care with your exercises. I no longer mindlessly accept every single invitation. I no longer force myself to push through a hectic schedule with no breaks or downtime. It's been months since I’ve had anxiety like I used to.” --April  

What is The Breathing Room?

The Breathing Room is a one-of-a-kind, 3-month incubator for women who know they take on too much but don’t see any other option (after all people depend on you!).  

It’s a step by step process with guidance, tools and community, a mix of structure and freedom, that allows you to trust yourself again and create a strong, calm, expansive foundation for your life.  

What The Breathing Room is NOT

Therapy. I assume you’re a strong, healthy person . It’s about tools and support to move forward.  

The Breathing Room is NOT “another course.” You won’t get a reading list, hours of video to watch, or more to do. Instead, you’ll receive bite-sized suggestions, wisdom, and exercises that you can use in the moment to tap into your own inner compass.  

The Breathing Room is NOT a meditation retreat, “woo-woo” encounter, or idealistic haven where you escape from everyday life. Rather, you’ll learn how to pause in the midst of Real Life to create peace around you, wherever you are and whatever comes your way.  

This is For You if:

  • You’re at a place in your life, where something's gotta give. There’s just so much going on and your coping strategy isn’t cutting it anymore.  
  • You’re a go-getter. You’re coachable.  
  • You need real life tools to deal with overwhelm, anxiety, feeling like you are always behind and all alone in it.  

Simplest way to find out if this is for you? Schedule a 15 min call with Grace  

Here’s How it Works:

After you register, you’ll receive a welcome email with all your program information.  

Our kick-off call is on Tuesday, August 28th.  

Once inside, we will establish call times that work for all in the group.  

You will immediately start saving time, energy, while you enjoy peace, focus, clarity and more room for You.  

Doors Close on August 26th:


Your Exclusively Customized Experience (only 4 2 available)  

Includes a One-on-One in-depth Coaching Call with Grace Each Month


How do I fit this in? I have no time as it is.  

This program is NOT another “To-Do” on your list. Everything is practical, realistic and intended to help you save energy and time.  

There is NO homework and NO “modules” or formulas to follow.  

Two support calls a month and easy-to-use, on-the-go techniques that help you decompress and catch your breath (even while you drive or wait in line at the grocery store!).  

How does this compare to other coaching programs and courses?  

  • The Breathing Room is NOT to “fix” you. This is not therapy.  
  • As a result, the approach is replenishing your energy, simplifying your life so that you can reconnect with who you are and what you want -- before the world intervened.  
  • The Breathing Room has three components: Support, Practices, and Guidance. You’ll learn how to tap into these elements at any time, even in the midst of chaos, to create your own personal oasis.  

What if I can’t attend live?  

If you can’t attend a coaching call live, everything’s recorded for you and sent to you. No stress!  

Do I have to meditate or chant?  

Only if you want to! The Breathing Room is PERFECT for “type-A” women who want REAL results, not mushy feel-good “warm fuzzies” that fade as soon as the next toddler tantrum or unexpected bill. We’ll focus on practical, sustainable tools, support, and connection.  

I don’t want one more thing to fail at…  

That’s why this is NOT a class with designated assignments and homework. I’m dedicated to meeting you right where you are, and walking alongside you on the path to clarity, self-knowledge, and ease.  

Have more questions?