How to Find Time for Mindfulness

How to Find Time for Mindfulness

Watch the video and learn 5 ways to apply mindfulness in under 10 minutes a day.

Looking for ways to be calmer, more centered and more intentional in the midst of your full day?

Today’s stress buster is all about finding moments of self-reflection, calm and intentionality in the middle of your day to day.

Here’s 6 examples of mindfulness activities you can easily integrate on your way to work, at the office or at other points in your day. This is all about creative and practical ways to essentially increase your moment to moment awareness and have some calm recovery from all the stress in small chunks throughout your day.

As the meditation app Headspace puts it:

“Mindfulness starts to get really interesting when we can start to integrate it into everyday life. Remember, mindfulness means to be present, in the moment. And if you can do it sitting on a chair, then why not while out shopping, drinking a cup of tea, eating your food, holding the baby, working at the computer or having a chat with a friend? All of these are opportunities to apply mindfulness, to be aware.”

If you are looking for some simple tweaks to integrate relaxation, intention and calm into your day then this is the video for you.

Grace Estripeaut

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