What you should know

Stress is the single greatest threat to morale and productivity in the workplace.


of sick days

are related to stress


of mistakes

are related to stress


of employees

spend 2+ hrs a day distracted

Studies show that stress undermines decision-making, planning, motivation, retention and just about anything an organization is trying to accomplish. Research also shows that the major driver of disengagement at work is stress.

Calculate how much stress and distractions are costing your company

Stress is Expensive

67% of sick days are related to stress

Sick days cost companies an average of $702/employee/year. Stress impairs decision-making, collaboration, retention and just about anything that grows your organization.

Costly Distractions

A typical office worker gets interrupted every 3-5 minutes

Then it takes about 25 minutes to return to the task after the interruption. These distractions cost businesses $10,790 a year/ worker (assuming $30/hour salary).

Who’s Solving this Problem?

Leading companies like Google, Apple, Aetna and McKinsey are solving this problem with mindfulness training.

Progressive companies are seeing mindfulness training significantly improve the leadership, health, happiness and organizational efficiency of their teams.

How we can help

The Boost your Zen method offers a powerful antidote to the stresses and strains of your workplace.

Workplace sessions that decompress, focus and re-energize your team. Evidence-based, employee loved boot camps.

Our Bootcamps Yield Results

We’ve inspired some great change in Colorado companies! Here are some of the improvements participants have reported from attending our bootcamps.


reduced their stress levels by 50%


improved their ability to remain task-focused


increased their ability to manage distractions


felt better equipped to cope with stress

I have been able to go off my sleep medications, my stress has dropped at least by 50%, my ability to handle tense situations has improved. I am more energetic and can get through my work easier because I am more focused. Grace is calm, knowledgeable and practical. I think these classes should be mandatory, it would reduce turnover, lower healthcare bills and lead to happier employees.

– Natasha B, Executive Administrator, City of Denver

Explore Training Plans

We offer our workplace superpower bootcamps to teams, executives and individuals online or in-person.

Business Bootcamps

On-site sessions designed to take your employees from tense, stressed and rushed to calm, energized and focused. Evidence-based, employee-loved.

Individual Bootcamps

On-the-go solutions to help you unplug, recharge and focus. Boost your capacity to swiftly navigate the highs and low’s of life.

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