Get Superpowers to Calmly Handle the Office Jerk

Get Superpowers to Calmly Handle the Office Jerk

Have you ever received an email that was rude, irrational, demanding and unnecessary?

So how do you not lose your cool with that one person who knows just how to push ALL your hot buttons?

You know who, that one person who you have to work with but would rather not…

I hear about in the weekly classes I teach. People suffering from anxiety and stress in the office due to interactions with this one person.

There’s no need to lose your temperament and suffer like this.

The office will never be free from stresses or annoyances. I want you to have practical tools so you are always in a position to manage how well you handle them.

Watch the video to get the step by step process I use to cool off and stay calm in any interaction.

Grace Estripeaut