The Gift of Transitions: Are You Cheating Yourself Out Of A Beautiful Thing?

The Gift of Transitions: Are You Cheating Yourself Out Of A Beautiful Thing?


Let me ask you a question that might seem strange at first. Ready?

Are you cheating yourself out of truly owning your power, your knowledge, and your intuition?

I’ve been having tons of conversations with women from all different walks of life, and I’m starting to pick up on some serious trends.

So many of us are going through big changes. Changes of many forms. And one thing I’ve noticed is that so many times we try to push through these changes.

We want to bypass the hard part and get to the good stuff. We want to cruise past the uncertainty and get back on our game, immediately if not sooner.

But what if there is some kind of necessity in the “in between” time?

What if honoring the chaos of (personal) change is a lot more important than you might’ve thought?

Today I’m going to share with you why it’s OK to take your time when big things are happening. Why it’s such a gift to allow yourself to feel. And show you how to see this transition time for what it really is: an opportunity for massive growth and explosive expansion.

We all go through big-time shake-ups at some point.  Maybe it’s even “good” change. Maybe you’ve landed that dream job, your kids are doing fabulously for themselves, you and your family might’ve found that dream home.

There’s also the kind of change that you don’t ask for. A new boss that you don’t vibe with at work. The end of a relationship. Or the crashing and burning of a business idea that you were sure was “the one”.

You name it, people have told me about it. Change is all around and it’s happening no matter whether you call it “good” or “bad”, wanted or dreaded.

But change itself is something that we aren’t very adapted to handling. We haven’t been taught to manage it very well. And unfortunately, most of us try to charge past it rather than explore it.

But you see, when you resist the natural transitions of life, you miss out on a beautiful opportunity. You fly past a chance for amazing growth, expansion, and wisdom.

And that, is what I mean by “cheating” yourself.

So if the process of change itself holds so many gifts, why would anyone ever refuse them in order to get back to “business as usual” ASAP?

Here’s the thing: change simply happens. Situations shift, moments come and go, nothing stays the same. What I have found is that it’s not the change itself that you might be resisting.

You’re resisting the TRANSITION that the change brings. More importantly, it’s resistance to how it FEELS.

When everything flies into limbo, it’s that self-doubt that pops up like a jack-in-the box. A thousand thoughts start flying through your head at once. Things like…

“I should have this under control…”

“How come I can’t figure this out?”

“This should be no big deal…why am I freaking out?”

You tell yourself that you should feel this, you should feel that, you should be OK by now.

Those feelings that go along with transitions are what make you want to slam on the brakes. It’s the uncertainty of it all. All those questions about “what now” that come up…questions that have no answers yet.

And man, we all love to be in control, don’t we? If you’re anything like me, you probably hate the idea of not knowing what’s next, right?

So there’s the discomfort of uncertainty. And from there it goes to self-doubt. Which leads to more mental noise and chatter than ever.

You question yourself even more. You start to beat yourself up for not having the answer. I should’ve known better. I should have this figured out by now. This shouldn’t be bothering me.

And on top of all that, not only do you find yourself drowning in self-doubt and “shoulds”, but also you want that uncertainty to go away right NOW.

So the normal reaction is to speed through the tough stuff as fast as possible.

You want to get through it fast. To feel better as soon as possible. Basically you want to rush through the experience and push your way out.

Let me tell you, that is simply exhausting!

There is a better way. One that is a whole lot easier on your mind, heart, and Soul. One that allows you to step back, slow down, experience the incredible amount of clarity, wisdom, self-awareness, and peace that transitions can bring.

I know, the last thing that you might be feeling right now is peace. But it’s also most likely the thing that you’re craving the most. That inner peace telling you that you can trust yourself. And know that things are all going to be OK.

Easier said than done, right?

Let me share something that I went through last year that helped me understand all of this at a much deeper level.

I’ve always had incredible relationships. Last year I was in a relationship that I was very much invested in….and it ended abruptly.

You can imagine the heartbreak and the chaos that followed.

I was experiencing extreme shifts. Going from wanting to feel better, be over it, and be back in the game right NOW….. to hearing the inner whispers of my Soul telling me, “don’t rush this, Grace…”

Slowly but surely, I began to get in touch with my own internal knowing. And it told me to to stop. Slow down. And allow the healing to proceed without a timetable.

So I gave myself room time, space, and permission to fully feel my way through that transition.

During this time, everything came out. Every bit of self-doubt, comparisonitis, fear about the future, you name it. It all showed up.

But in the end, I was grateful for giving myself the time and space to go through it.

I was thanking God I didn’t rush through it. That I didn’t force myself to be “ready to roll” in a month. That I trusted myself to slow down, mourn, and find closure.

I received so much clarity, wisdom, and peace through the experience. And you know what else? It washed away the self doubt, the questioning, and the fear in the process.

The space in between the moment of upheaval and  “this is what’s next” is a raw, incredible, expansive space for growth. And I want you invite you to really consider just how powerful that can be for you.

You don’t have to suffer through changes. But you do want to honor where you are and be fully present to what’s happening…and without judgement.

This is an incredible time to UNLEARN. To let go of the things that aren’t serving you anymore. To allow yourself to receive the clarity and wisdom that will give you peace through the changes….and ultimately lead you to your next new destination.

So my advice is this: slow it down. Get yourself some strong support from those who can hold space for you without judgement. And give yourself permission for this to take as long as it takes.

This is something I’m completely passionate about. And it has has lead to the next evolution of my work!

I’ve been through many changes in my life. And I know you have, too. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, it is how to navigate these changes with as much ease and grace as possible.

You might be going through a lot right now. You might not know “what’s next” or how it’s going to end. And I want you to know that you don’t have to go through it alone.

Whether your work life is changing, your relationships are shifting, or there’s some sort of transition coming forth that you can’t quite name, I want you to have the space and the support that you need.

This program is 90 days of support and guidance. It’s a place for you to be able to show up, ask for help, and be seen and heard. It’s a place where you can learn to slow down, check in, and honor the space between things in your life.

There’s no modules. No “to-do” lists or checklists. There won’t be tons of information flying at you to process.

It’s simply a safe space for you to be vulnerable. To slow down and listen to what your Soul is trying to tell you. It’s a container for your wisdom to come to light through the changes you’re experiencing.

As my friend Carolyn said, it’s much more than a program. It’s a sacred movement of support.

It’s a gift from my heart to yours. And I would be honored to hold space for you here!

All of the details can be found here

Don’t cheat yourself of all the amazing gifts that changes in your life has for you. Experience them with all the support, space, and love that you need. Transition starts HERE.

Grace Estripeaut