Here are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find your answer here please talk to us.

Is this a new age - yoga type service?

Far from it. These sessions are designed for Type A – driven  professionals who are suffering from overwhelm, anxiety and a frantic mind. We get right down to business with stress reduction exercises, where people experience immediate relief, decompression and clarity about what they could be doing differently to manage their time and stress.

People often say things like; “This is not a hippie trip, I can’t believe how actionable this is” and ” That was quick and it hit the spot”.

How long do the effects of 1 session last?

The idea is to introduce you to exercises that when integrated to your days produce a level of calm, present-mindedness, clarity of mind, and relaxed approach to better deal with the constant flood of demands on you.

The duration of the ‘effects’ vary – 1 day to a few days. Look at it as,;how long do the stress-reduction effects of a workout last on you?  The difference is, you will learn things you can easily apply, ongoing.

You are learning new skills to better respond to a growing problem of constant stress.

How many people can attend your training?

The number of people is often determined by the capacity of the space you have available.  Typically groups range anywhere between 15-45 people. However, groups can be as small as 8-12. The meeting room you choose determines the maximum capacity.

What do we need to do to make this happen?

You  provide a reasonably quiet, comfortable space to facilitate the group sessions. Conference rooms and private meeting spaces work well. We are happy to meet you on site to evaluate the space you have.

People sit on chairs, often in front of tables during the session.

There is no need for yoga mats or a change of clothes.

How will we know the kind of impact it’s having on our company culture?

We provide your employees with electronic feedback forms to measure key metrics along the way.

This sounds great, how do I encourage my employees’ participation?

We provide you with internal marketing materials for each of our services, with schedule, instructor and location information.

What is the duration of the contract?

We specialize in customized quarterly programming, after an introduction period. Consistent company rituals create a deeply impactful experience for you and your employees, and your company benefits more with the cumulative effects of our programs.

Do the employees hire you directly?

Contracts are between Boost your Zen and the employer.

We were so pleased with Grace’s workshop in terms of the rich content and great attendance — particularly since this was a very progressive step for us as an organization. She has this beautiful way of helping people grasp it and learn specific tools to help themselves. We will definitely be continuing the journey with an ongoing program.

-Sunday, Director of HR, Delta Dental