The simplest way to curb email stress

The simplest way to curb email stress

Are you a constant email checker? 

Email has become such an automatic function in our day and it’s not going anywhere.

Many of you have shared with me that email makes you feel anxious, overwhelmed and stressed.

The never-ending stream of demands coming at us can seem just too much to deal with. The information overload can be overwhelming.

On top of it, if you’ve ever gotten into an e-mail back-and-forth with someone, where irritation and miscommunication escalates, then you are well aware that e-mail is not always the most efficient way to communicate.

The challenge is that it doesn’t allow for tone or visual cues, and it’s a fast, often impulsive way to communicate.

Without facial expression, tone of voice, and an overall “vibe,” we don’t have enough information to help us discern what the other person is trying to tell us. Without these clarifying cues, we frequently “fill in the blanks” with our worries and negative assumptions.

Watch the video to learn how employees in Google tackle mindful emailing and experienced great results.

Taking a few moments to go through these steps will help you avoid a lot of misunderstandings, as well as needless stressful emotions.

By the way, research is unanimous in concluding that constant connection to email early in the day and right before bed is associated with feeling more stressed out by email. 

So take a break, and unplug. I promise your work will be waiting when you check in again.

Grace Estripeaut

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