How to Stay Sane in Moments of Distress

How to Stay Sane in Moments of Distress

Want to be one of those people who have a positive perspective and don’t react to when life throws them a curve ball?

When there’s distress, challenges and drama around us, not reacting is HARD.  

Emotions are contagious, not giving in and entering the reactive zone requires that we instead turn to healthy coping tactics.

What it comes down to is when stress strikes, there’s usually what we can control and what we can’t control in a situation. Unfortunately by default, we have a tendency to focus on the external situation – which is likely filled with elements we cannot control.

Stress management can be empowering if you focus on what you can control and on taking charge.

Habits in your lifestyle, your thoughts, your emotions and the way you deal with problems are things you have true control over.  

In terms of self-managing your stress and tension levels, your job is to focus on what you can control. Managing your internal response and self-talk  is definitely yours to do.

There are enough quick fix exercises to help you master your internal response and succeed at staying sane, centered and calm even in your saturated work day.

Try incorporating one today.


Grace Estripeaut

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