Training Plans for Businesses

Leverage mindfulness to develop a culture of resilience, focus and collaboration. Pick an existing plan or talk to us about customizing one.

  • Intro Session

    • Single 90 min. session
    • Test drive our training
    • Great for Lunch & Learns
    • Impactful at Events
    • Instant stress relief + insights

  • Bootcamps

    • Structured curriculum
    • Customizable duration (8-12 weeks)
    • In-Person, online or combined
    • Specific departments or company wide
    • End overwhelm
    • Increases focus
    • Curb distractions

  • For Leadership

    • 100% customized
    • Great for executives and CEOs
    • Master ‘calm focus’ under pressure
    • Truly manage distractions
    • Improve your response patterns

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Introductory Session

The 90-minute session is held live, on-site, at your meeting room.

Give your team an opportunity to test drive a training session and see if the Boost Your Zen method is a fit for your organization. Gain clarity on the specific stressors affecting your employees most, risks associated with them and potential solutions. Leverage office mindfulness and activate peak performance.

Grace’s simple techniques are very effective at helping to recognize and to free up the stress and distractions that we all walk around with. I go back to work with a smile on my face and a focused mind for the rest of the week.

– Steven Hahn, Assistant City Attorney, City of Denver


Most Popular Option! Delivered in person or online.

Weekly 45 minute sessions that equip your colleagues with evidence-based tools  to self-manage workplace stress, increase focus and curb distractions.

I was skeptical of this being a good use of staff time, but found it personally valuable to learn tools to decompress in short amounts of time, and every review from our staff, even from those who were very skeptical of the training, has been extremely positive, many asking for more. Grace offers many different solutions that are actionable and practical.

– Kyle Covell, Director of Finance, Judis House

For Executives

Up your leadership game

Gain practical skills and insights to remain calm under pressure, trim distractions and better manage your response patterns.

Highly customized bite size leadership solutions for you and your team.

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