When executives, city officials and HR leaders hit a block, they call on Grace.

Grace Estripeaut is the founder of Boost your Zen, the only company of its kind in Denver, offering stress reduction training and meditations in the workplace with a focus on minimizing employee stress and boosting productivity focus and wellbeing.

A word from Grace

It’s unlikely our lifestyles will slow down. Stress reduction training is the simplest most cost effective practice to increase our focus, enhance our productivity and cultivate a different response to the stress of everyday life.

After 12 years in operations at corporate and small business environments, I have first-hand experience of the effects of ongoing of stress on the person and organization.

Having worked side-by-side to the CEO, Principals and VP’s at several companies, I saw the escalating pressure and demand of their work day. In the midst of the storm, I was often asked: How do you stay calm, balanced and sharp in it all? I credit my a few simple practices for keeping me grounded, calm, and resilient in high-pressure environments.

Born and raised in Panama, I discovered meditation in my early 20’s and fell in love with the impact it had on my life. I promptly packed my bags and traveled the world to study meditation. Over the last 14 years, I have attended 15+ intensive training in Europe, South America, and the U.S. and have continued with my own rigorous meditation practice. In 2010, I studied in a 4-month immersion Ashram and have been training others ever since.

I was skeptical that I would leave a one hour class with a solid change in my behavior. However, Grace’s practice delicately interweaved the awareness of distractions that derail us and how we can take action right away. My colleagues were very thankful for the opportunity to learn a new tangible practice to manage their stress. I highly recommend incorporating Grace’s mindful meditation practice into your professional life.

– Robyn, Customer Analysis & Solutions, United Healthcare

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